Term used to describe someone who betrays you in any way; short for "backstabber"
Billy: I'm sorry Jon I didn't mean to steal your girl.
Jon: It doesn't matter now that I know what a "Baxter" you are.
Duke Eによって 2009年08月22日(土)
A baker, especially a female baker.

The little old lady was a baxter
collest person everによって 2006年06月27日(火)
A term used to descibe a Wack individual, who likes the cock.
"that baxter is a wackster who like the cackster"
"what a baxter"
"wow, that dude is the biggest baxter"
Robbie P Skinsによって 2007年05月15日(火)
A person who has no friends, yet believes themself to be your friend despite verbal and physical signals. A Baxter is also somebody who smokes your bud even though they havent put in for it.
"Man, Rich is such a Baxter"
Simon Nellによって 2007年02月01日(木)