A terrorist politician who will be the 44rd president of the United States.; The black "messiah".; The 3rd and final AntiChrist; see Assblaster
Matt: Hey did you watch the election?
Gage: Ya, some black terrorist won.
Matt:Ya first we had Bush, oh boy, but then we elect BARACK OBAMA? WTF! His middle fucking name is "Hussein". Stupid liberals.
Gage: Stupid antichrist muslims.
M-Koschによって 2008年11月06日(木)
Basically the worst possible choice for president. sadly, he is. He sucks worse than everything you hate...think about that...
John McCain: "I'm gonna help the country..."
Barack Obama: "uuuuuhhh...uuuhhhh...change?"

Republican on McCain: "Hey, okay, that's respectable. just chipper!"
Democrat on McCain: "he's old. Obama's black!"

Republican on Obama: "Fuck! I need to vote! We don't need Civil War 2!"
Democrat on Obama: "Change? Ooh! Rewind it! He said HOPE!"
necropedophileによって 2009年02月14日(土)
The king of smooth talking, lying, cheating, sneaky, fake, bastards in this world

The man that took the flag of the USA off of his plane.

The man that wouldn't give a drop of seriousness when the pledge of alliegence was going on.

The man that when you add up all the letters in his name, when divided by 3, it makes 666.

The man that CLAIMS to be a christian, but his name is one letter awake from burack, the white horse of muhammed.

The man that tries to use his few drops of african blood to get all the ignorant people to vote for him.

A liar, whatever happened to him making Hillary Clinton president?
Man 1: Bush killed America and Barack Obama's about to bury it.

Man 2: Yeah this place is going to the dogs.

Man 1: By the looks of Obama's forced smile, more like the chimpanzees.

The one who see'sによって 2008年08月24日(日)
The most liberal candidate to ever run for office of president.
Since the 60's there have only been two democratic presidents in office, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Both of these candidates ran as moderates and won under that label. However, Barack Obama's views are significantly far more left than the previous two democratic presidential winners.
In the U.S. Senate, Barack Obama's voting record was more liberal than that of Bernie Sanders, the self proclaimed socialist senator from Vermont.
Barack Obama has stated that he supports issues such as late term abortions, that is to say abortions performed into the third trimester, the denial of medical care for babies who survive a late term abortion, rather he would let them die instead. Barack Obama also supports reparations to the black community, an increased welfare state, upping the standards for affirmative action, socialized medicine, socialized energy policies and an outright ban on firearms.
BudgetBinLadenによって 2008年08月29日(金)
44th President of the United States of America.
Barack Obama is the 44th President of The United States of America.
Kakiiによって 2008年11月04日(火)
The official 44th President of the United States!
January 20th, 2009 is the day Barack Obama became the official president of The United States
OhSnapzによって 2009年01月20日(火)
The 44th President of the United States. Defined by many people by many, and often opposing, terms and labels.
Barack Hussein Obama II (full name of Barack Obama) was sworn in as President of the United States on January 20, 2009.
MickeyBravo1984によって 2009年01月19日(月)


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