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The mysterious ingredient in some delicious food items, such as some brands of pepperoni, a few Kool-Aid flavors, and Fruity Pebbles. Apparently it's a preservative.
My delicious Kool-Aid has some mysterious ingredients. BHA is one of them.
ididntknowthatによって 2009年06月16日(火)
Big Headed Asian
Leon is such a BHA!
Hadork によって 2008年10月08日(水)
Beyond Human Aid. An AA term.
Today I'm feeling bha.
steppermotorによって 2010年03月12日(金)
Butt-Huggers Association.

A group started in 1994 by some young guns in Mountain View to express their homosexuality. Founding members included, Bobby BHA, Buttjam BHA, Brownie BHA, Ballista BHA and some other schmucks I can't remember. Their hand shake was a 20 part shake with various lame innuendos including sucking on a loly pop. The group split up in 1998 when they found out Milli Vanilli faked their performance casuig dismay among the BHA-ers.
BHA motto:
"BHA is the bomb!
It's good for your dad,
But it's better for your mom.
BHA, is the best!
'Cause we come from the west!"
Cards OWN the Centralによって 2005年05月11日(水)