Name of a member of the gang in the The Warriors a 1979 film. He is the muscle of the group, cocky and arrogant but a strong soldier and a great asset to the gang.
"yo man, you see Ajax?"
"No man what happened?"
"man he destroyed those pussy fucks."
J Higginsによって 2006年06月04日(日)
Asynchronous Javascript And XML.
google maps uses ajax to pass data.
centreville nateによって 2005年05月05日(木)
A football club named after a Greek mytholigical hero, based in Amsterdam Holland
Ajax "was" the best team in the world untill it sold all it's better players to barcalona :(
eejitによって 2004年06月25日(金)
A town in southern Durham Region, Ontario, sandwiched between Pickering and Whitby.
Pickering Villiage is part of Ajax.
massによって 2005年04月11日(月)
A town in southern ontario in between the dirty O and Scar City
-where are you from, then?

-ajaaaaax...... (with a mad head shake)

-right on
burgillerによって 2005年02月27日(日)
An industrial-strength cleaner sold by the company Colgative Palmolive, usually in powder form.
The fact that it took so long for someone to identify Ajax as a popular cleaner says a lot about the personal hygiene of Ajax soccer fans.
sukebeによって 2006年11月21日(火)
Ajax are a very successful Dutch Football team. They play at the Amsterdam Arena and have won many cups in their time.
"You wanna come see Ajax VS PSV Eindhoven tonight?"
Andyによって 2003年09月20日(土)