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A French-made aircraft that is competent, but French-made. Boeing wannabe.
Sacré bleu - un A320 ? Où est le Boeing ?
Sean Brian Kirbyによって 2005年03月15日(火)
A short-to-medium range commercial airliner manufactured by Airbus. It's main competitor is the Boeing 737.
I saw an A320 take off from the airport as I was driving down the freeway.
#airplane #airliner #airbus #french #manufacturer
Henry Dによって 2006年10月11日(水)
A ripoff of the 737 which is unreliable, ugly and inefficient.
Mark: Hey, you want to come to Florida?
John: Sure, what airline are we taking
Mark: United Airlines on an A320
John: I think I'll stay.
#airbus #a330 #a321 #a350 #a380 #aircraft
DC10 dudeによって 2014年11月04日(火)
A plane Southwest Airlines is to good for.
jetBlue is better because of the A320.
#plane #a320 #southwest #airlines #jetblue
skokによって 2008年07月10日(木)
An medium capacity, short to medium range aircraft that shows the 737 series who's boss!
Ah yes!!!!I get several flights on A320's!!!!!!!!
Go Airbus!によって 2005年03月13日(日)
A piece of shit that has had 6 or 7 crash-landings because of a defect in the front landing gear. And history teaches us that if you work the controls too hard, the rudder snaps off (AA #587).
The A320 is the only passenger jet I'm aware of that crashed on its test flight.
#junk #toy plane #unsafe #flimsy #bad engineering
Mr. Blondによって 2007年10月28日(日)

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