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the words to a song. lyrics can be spoken or sung. comes from the greek word "lyrikos".
i think that conor oberst writes good lyrics

youmakemehappyによって 2008年02月04日(月)
shortened version of the word "forever"

like "whatev" which is the shotened version of "whatever"
this is taking forev...
youmakemehappyによって 2008年01月22日(火)
abbreviation for "whatev" which is a shortened verion of "whatever"

can be pronounced as "whatev" or simply as "wev"
that doesn't make sense but w/ev
youmakemehappyによって 2008年01月20日(日)
abbreviation for "forev" which is a shortened version of "forever"

similar to "w/ev", abbreviation of "whatev"

may be pronounced as "forever" or simply as "fev"
this is taking f/ev...
youmakemehappyによって 2008年01月20日(日)
"f/e" is an abbreviation for "forever"

similar to "w/e", abbreviation for "whatever"

way better, though perhaps less recognised, than "4eva" which just looks a bit stupid

wow, i havent been online in f/e
youmakemehappyによって 2008年01月20日(日)

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