119 definitions by yorrick hunt

1. a person who insists on talking about himself/herself when you want to talk about yourself
2. a person who yells out his/her own name on reaching orgasm
Theo is such an egotist. He is not just foolishly infatuated with himself. With him it is the real thing.
yorrick huntによって 2008年01月25日(金)
Olympic Games for fat people
The Blympic Games Motto is "Fatter, Heavier, Wider".
yorrick huntによって 2008年09月22日(月)
a name that sounds a lot like genitalia
I think I'll call my boat "Jenny Talia". I like the sound of it.
yorrick huntによって 2008年01月08日(火)
Ivor Biggun; aka Robert "Doc" Cox; born 1 July 1946 in Sheffield, Yorkshire; British musician and television journalist; appeared on the BBC TV program "That's Life!"; as a musician he specialised in smutty songs which were banned by nearly all radio stations in his early career; in 2006 he released a best-of double CD.
Ivor Biggun never had an affair with Kartya Kokkov.
yorrick huntによって 2008年01月25日(金)
liquid excreted by the kidneys
If you are dying of thirst, it is better to drink someone else's urine rather than your own because your body has already rejected yours.
yorrick huntによって 2008年01月22日(火)
lose most, if not all, of money you have gambled or risked
The longer you play the slot machines the more certain it becomes that you will do your ass.
yorrick huntによって 2008年01月27日(日)
continuing increase in the average temperature of the air and the oceans
If we cannot reverse global warming, how long before we run out of party ice?
yorrick huntによって 2008年01月22日(火)