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The opposite of having a spacious inventory in World of Warcraft. This word is a result of Chace, the guy with too much shit.
I can't fit another damned thing in my bank, it's too chacious.
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viggmonによって 2009年08月17日(月)
The best non-existant MMORPG the world will ever not have. This game will re-invent the days of the Zelda: A Link to the past & Graal Online.

The turmoil brought upon the peaceful lands by the coming of the gods - Micah, Dustin & Jared.

The evil god Dustin the Great is moving to build an empire and slaughter the Jews of the Free Lands and rule as his idol Hitler once did. Micah the Pure has been chasing Dustin for an eternity; and is attempting to foil these evil plans and bring justice to the Free Lands. While these immortal beings brawl for the fate of humanity, Jared the Wise seeks to bring neutrality to the lands and have the good & evil of the Free Lands seperated and at peace. He does not wish for Dustin to be defeated because he believes his power may become useful one day.

It is up to the people of the Free Lands to decide which role they will play in the fate of their world.. Is their world corrput and needing to be purged by Dustin the Great? Or Perhaps redeemed by Micah the Pure? Or does their salvation lie with Jared the Wise, where their world can live seperated but among their own kind.

Select between 6 classes!

Sword Users

Axe Users

Mace Users

Knife Users

Magic Users

Bow Users

Journey to level 50 to experience the thrill of Muchale!

Skill points awarded each level to allow you custom select your abilities & stats! (these are refundable via in game currency)

Dungeons that include distinct bosses that require strategic playstyle! These bosses include Dragons, Zombies, Pirates, Ninjas, Trolls & more!

Classic turn-based PvP system!

Pledge yourself to either of the three gods: Dustin, Micah, Jared!

Teleport system to get around faster!

Massive explorable lands including 2 continents, 28 total zones and 4 major cities.

Fun Mini-games to earn non-combat prizes and earn fame throghout the Free Lands!
Micah: "We're calling it Muchale."

Jared: "What the Hell does Muchale mean?"

Micah: "I have no idea but we're using it."

Dustin: "It means the coming of the Apocalypse in my tongue!!"
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viggmonによって 2009年08月17日(月)
This is what you say to antagonists who do not like the way you are performing a task. In particular, Kool-aid.
#1: "You didn't put enough sugar it will taste like shit."

#2: "Fine you make the kool-aid. I hate Strawberry anyway."

#1: "It's not that hard to add some more sugar."

#2: "Fuck you, I haz Orange!"
#kool #aid #strawberry #orange #sugar
viggmonによって 2009年08月17日(月)

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