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The reason the whole world all dresses and acts the same.The reasons why everyone are a bunch of tattooed, pierced,missing their 4 front teeth carnival folk with a yeast infection and all hate George Bush.
Fashion makes hicks of you all.

You all think you are rebels and individuals....nothing could be farther from the truth.

I think Alice Cooper said it best: "We're all clones,all are one and one is all,all are one and one is all"...

You bloody unoriginal fucktards

see word rebel
u stupid fashionistasによって 2004年05月16日(日)
everyone's a rebel so no one is a rebel

you're all a bunch of tattooed,pierced,missing your 4 front teeth carnival folk

in other words hicks
see the word fashion
u stupid fashionistasによって 2004年05月16日(日)
stupid hicks turning the whole world into a bunch of carnies and side-show freaks
heavy metal music and california faggy-ness has turned everyone into a bunch of filthy disgusting inbred hillbillies
u stupid fashionistasによって 2004年05月16日(日)

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