36 definitions by tory botry

A nickname for San Fransisco due to it having so many gays, lesbians and bisexuals
I love San Fagcisco because of all the lesbians man
tory botryによって 2012年12月27日(木)
a lesbian who has sex in the scissor position
Now that girl is a scissorchick
tory botryによって 2012年10月30日(火)
A phrase used by people who oppose age restrictions, for example

a) Pensioners who want to continue working

b) People who sexually interested in minors

c) teens who seek to lower the voting age
She might be underage, but age is just a number
tory botryによって 2012年12月31日(月)
When your scrotum or balls are itchy for lengthy periods.
man i scratched so much, i must have a ball tingle
tory botryによって 2012年12月28日(金)
When you're cycling and the bike-seat is pushing up againt your vulva (in girls) and prostate (in boys) causing a funny sensation
If was leaning forward during my bike ride and i almost came from that
tory botryによって 2013年11月08日(金)
When you pinch your vulva making the clitoris protrude, and then stick your protruding clitoris into a lesbians vagina.
I was all wet and she decided to clit slip me
tory botryによって 2013年11月08日(金)
Someone who belongs to an Abrahamic religion
Do all Abrahamicans chop the tip of the penis of babies off or what?
tory botryによって 2013年10月26日(土)