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Cuddling is NOT hugging.

Hugging is what you do when you're standing up. Cuddling is what you do when you're lying down.

To completely spell it out, since the below people apparently have no idea what cuddling is: you and another (usually) person lie down next to each other in such a way that the two bodies are touching AND the arms of at least one person are wrapped around the other person.

"I love cuddling with you."
"But we're not cuddling; this is a hug since we are standing up."
"Oh. Wanna lie down and cuddle then?"
"Yes, because that would make sense."
the letter dによって 2007年08月26日(日)
Actually -- just like a regular creampie has nothing to do with licking the fluids back up, neither does an anal creampie. An anal creampie is simply ejaculating inside somebody's ass and then having it ooze back out.
The anal creampie is a beautiful thing, as are those who receive them, and especially as are those who receive them in front of a video camera while spreading their ass cheeks for optimal viewing.
the letter dによって 2007年05月28日(月)
None of the below definitions have it right.

The procedure for administering an awful waffle is as follows:

1. Pin somebody to the top of a table.
2. Pull their shirt up.
3. Firmly press a tennis racket into their stomach.
4. Pour syrup on their stomach.

Notice that:
- It does NOT involve a person's face.
- It does NOT involve their ass.
- It DOES involve a tennis racket.

Side note: this term was popularized by the television show Salute Your Shorts.
Awful waffle! Awful waffle! Awful waffle!
the letter dによって 2007年12月09日(日)
None of the below definitions have it right.

Skullfucking has only ONE literal meaning, which is to fuck a person's eyesocket.

It does NOT refer to fucking them in the mouth, throat, ear, makeshift hole, or anywhere else.
"Can you skullfuck me?"
"You know skullfucking means to fuck your eyesocket, right?"
"It does? Nevermind then."
the letter dによって 2007年11月13日(火)
A misogynistic term used to refer to a woman who, in the eyes of the speaker, has no value outside of the sexual gratification she can provide.
She ain't nothin' but a cum receptacle.
the letter Dによって 2006年04月24日(月)
To expand on the below entries:

Ron Jeremy is much more than the most famous modern male porn star. And there is more to him than his average looks and enormous phallus.

- In addition to the near-countless number of pornographic films he has appeared in, he has also acted in a number of low-budget camp and horror movies (Orgazmo, Terror Firmer, Andre the Butcher, and many others)
- A documentary was made about him, titled simply "Pornstar"
- He has participated in many public debates about pornography, gaining notoriety for his surprisingly well-formed, well-articulated, and well-supported arguments.
- He is in fact about to auto-fellate.
- He has appeared in a number of commercials.
- Performed a rap cameo on stage with Kid Rock
- Noted for an acting ability that outstrips that of most pornstars.
- Nicknamed "The Hedgehog"
There are also rumors that Ron Jeremy has a master's degree in special education.
the letter dによって 2007年08月08日(水)
(n) A person's lap is defined as the tops of their thighs.

When a person is sitting down, their lap is in a form such that another person can sit on it.

When a person stands up, their lap still exists but is not in a usable form.
"Come sit on my lap!"
"I can't until you get the hamper off of your lap."
the letter dによって 2007年11月20日(火)

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