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The Man, the Mystery, the Chin. The greatest hero of all time.
Bruce Campbell single handedly destroyed the Deadites on several occasions and there by saved mankind.
The Penguin Incarnateによって 2003年09月20日(土)
n. The King of Pirates. Show some fucking respect here.
Monkey D Luffy became a pirate becuase of his admiration of "Red Haired" Shanks.
The Penguin Incarnateによって 2003年10月04日(土)
A powerful sojourner of the Multiverse whpose power and coaching ability is unmatched
In 1985 Ditka both destroyed a planet full of the Zerg and won the Super Bowl 290-22.
The Penguin Incarnateによって 2003年09月20日(土)
To levitate from ones boner.
Lee can lift off of the ground from his cock pushup.

One will do.
The Penguin Incarnateによって 2003年06月07日(土)
To dick slap
Joey jalloped his girlfriend after sex.

Tom while passing by in his car jalloped Joey, cause he owed him money.
The Penguin Incarnateによって 2003年06月07日(土)
Larry Elder's AM radio friendly euphamism for "the shit hit the fan."
When Ross Perot said "You people," when speaking to a primarily black audience, the fit hit the shan.
The Penguin Incarnateによって 2003年10月04日(土)
Apostle of Ditka
Cosmixmaster killed a couple of Saints fans for their sins agaisnt God and man.
The Penguin Incarnateによって 2003年07月24日(木)

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