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a substitution for dinner in the form of beer.
neal had pork chop in a can for dinner, he is such a lush.
stuart iveyによって 2008年03月04日(火)
jacking to the internet sluts.
ken's mom caught him diddling to internet porn, everyone knows he's a cyberjacker.
stuart iveyによって 2008年02月26日(火)
americas vagina.noun for a place called mexico.
dude don't go down on amgina
stuart iveyによって 2008年02月22日(金)
cock-sucker. someone who sucks one's cock.
"what's up roosterfish.","lick my balls too roosterfish."
stuart iveyによって 2008年02月22日(金)
another word for the male organ. dick.
he stuck his orifice tube into every orifice on her body.
stuart iveyによって 2008年02月27日(水)
when giving sperm sample if can not ejackulate nurse shoves finger in your ass to expidite results
miss i just can't cum , its ok i'll just perform wacinduced ejackulation {IN} you hehe!
stuart iveyによって 2008年02月25日(月)

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