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A place where you apply to go learn a ton of shit you won't use in your desired profession. Seriously, why the fuck does someone pursuing a major in biology need to take psychology and western civilization courses?

When applying to 4-year-colleges, remember this: they only give a shit about your GPA and SAT scores. So if you're an overacheiving jock in 12th grade with no morals and a lengthy disciplinary history who likes to get drunk and fuck whores on the weekend, then you're more likely to get into a 4-year-college than someone with values who went to a community college that has a 2.65 GPA and an SAT score around 1000. Or, if your family is rich, it doesn't matter how shitty your grades in high school are, you can even get into Harvard if daddy is willing to make a "donation".

If you are somehow able to get into a 4-year-school but don't look like Brad Pitt, you probably won't get laid, unless you can find a girl that is drunk enough.
Going to college and flushing $40,000 down the toilet are the same thing, basically.
smiter_of_faggotryによって 2004年12月30日(木)
What fat and/or ugly girl think they are.
Fat Chick: I like my belly shirt! Guys wish they could have my hot body!

Guy: I'd rather bone an ugly chick, at least I wouldn't suffocate from your rolls of fat.

Fat Chick: HEY! I'm not fat, I've got a proportional body! *jiggling roll of fat becomes exposed, grossing guy out*

Guy: *vomits*
smiter_of_faggotryによって 2005年01月14日(金)

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