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3 definitions by sieuw

(L-S-K) to run away and make out.
"hey billy, want to lsk?"

"the lead singer from that band... major lsk status."
sieuwによって 2006年04月08日(土)
something that is cool, or desired.
"man, those shoes are the bofunk!"

"homes, why didnt you hit that party, it was the bofunk."
sieuwによって 2006年04月08日(土)
a person, or a friend. A synecdoche that uses one part of the body to symbolize the whole person. Usually an affectionate term. Can have attatchments for peronal touch.
"hey face!"
"Hi, cute face."
"what you up to smart face, reading a good book?"
sieuwによって 2006年04月08日(土)