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When a man puts super-glue all over his dick, then engages in sex. A few minutes later, hes stuck!!
God dammit!!! Another fucking super glue incident, these are happening more and more!!
Shit Headによって 2003年10月19日(日)
A holy roller place where people convert other peoples religion, and malest children,
you fat ass!!
shit headによって 2003年10月21日(火)
A girl has her mouth wide open waiting for you to cum in her mouth. So then you wait till she opens her eyes and get her in the eye!
AHHHHH!! He just dropped off molly in my eye!! That basturd!
Shit Headによって 2003年10月19日(日)
Your mom is such a PWB cause u told me u did it to her, u sick fucker...
shit headによって 2003年06月26日(木)

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