4 definitions by shanirok

havin many tattoos, the act of getting tattooed.

NOT to be confused with being cool: tattoos do not turn succkas into cool beings- ya just a suckka who's inked.
fred durst thinks just cause he's INKED, he's worth a shyt.
shanirokによって 2003年11月15日(土)
something utterly ridiculous
check out that dude with the WACKASS gheri-curl.
shanirokによって 2003年11月15日(土)
a mix of the german word for poop (scheize)+ icicles.
i'm so cold, i'll be shyttin SCHEISICLES by the time i get to a damn toilet!
shanirokによって 2003年11月15日(土)
a punkass attitude deserving of bytchslaps aplenty. an attitude which makes those with it believe the world owes them everything.
drop the SOUR attitude and pull ya weight!
shanirokによって 2003年11月15日(土)