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The knuckleballer for the BoSox. He has a fastball, which is not very fast, a 12-6 curve and a devastating knuckleball. He is a fly-ball out pitcher and he has been pretty solid for the BoSox over his career. Doug Mirabelli catches for him almost every game. He is also a great fielder
Tim Wakefield's knucleball dances and fools hitters.
Tim Wakefield's fastball is slower than most changeups.
Tim Wakefield is a solid fielder.
parlimentによって 2004年07月24日(土)
The defacto ace for the BoSox. He is one of the most dominent pitchers of the past few years. Not only does Pedro throw heat, but he also has a awesome changeup and curve. He is also a great mental pitcher and can strike out batters even when his velocity is down. He is eccentric, but that is a characteristic of many great men.
Pedro Martinez threw 9 shutout innings.
Pedro Martinez's curve drops 12-6.
Pedro Martinez is destined for Cooperstown
parlimentによって 2004年07月24日(土)
Played 2b for the California Angels and the Boston Red Sox. Now he is the anouncer for the Sox on Nesn.
Wow, Jerry Remy could lay down a phat drag bunt.
Damn, Jerry Remy had a sick pivot on a double play.
Wow i just craped my self because Jerry Remy is such a good anouncer.
parlimentによって 2004年07月23日(金)
The Sinkerball pitcher for the BoSox. He is a groundout pitcher. He has a great sinker and a pretty good fastball. In 2004 he has had some trouble and has not pitched to his potential.
Derek Lowe got a double play.
parlimentによって 2004年07月24日(土)
Right handed starting pitcher for the BoSox. Throws a great fastball and a great slider. He has heat and he gets a lot of strikeouts. He probably would have started the 2004 All-Star game, but he decided not to play. He is one of the 2 aces on the BoSox in 2004.
Curt Schilling has 15 punchados.
Curt Schilling struck him out with the slider.
Curt Schilling beat the Yankees.
Curt Schilling is super cool.
parlimentによって 2004年07月24日(土)
The right handed set-up man for the BoSox. He is lights out. He has a nice 4 seem fastball. He usually comes in when the score is close or the sox are winning.
Mike Timlin just struck out the side.
parlimentによって 2004年07月24日(土)
The CF for the BoSox in 2004. He is a great fielder and a great leadoff hitter. He has speed and can steal bases. He looks like jesus.
Wow, Johnny Damon made a sick play.
Johnny Damon just hit a tripple.
Johnny Damon just scored from first on a bloop single.
parlimentによって 2004年07月23日(金)

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