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A vodka trick shot is when a scantily dressed and decenlty drunken girl climbs up onto the pool table to make a long shot, then side swipes the cue ball into the corner pocket, competely avoiding any other target on the table and still manages to leave all her male companions whole-heartedly impressed.
*cue ball is sunk*
Drunken Girl: **woops,...i..think......I...mesthed...that..up.....heheheHEHEHhehehHEHEHHEHHheehehHEHEHehehehehehheh!!!!!!!@

Guy: Wow, how'd you get your boobies to manover the cue like that?
Immune friend: *sighs* Quite the Vodka Trick Shot!
p@$$ing thr.ughによって 2010年01月09日(土)
when someone makes a smooth transition from failblog to leet in less than 5 seconds.
The story as it's told.
Five: I was watching squirels mate, and I rode my bicycle into a parked car, and I looked around for witnesses, and I got back on my bicycle, and I rode around the corner to safety to set my broken leg.
Everyone: Smooth Sherlock!
p@$$ing thr.ughによって 2011年02月04日(金)
an appropriate weapon substitute for security guards; to be used instead of police tazers.
The mall security apprehended me after he saw me push the spacially inept cellphone user on the escalator with my hot tea mittens. He took me to the dumpster behind the mall where 3 other security guards surrounded me and all began to pumel me with their slinky of deaths.
p@$$ing thr.ughによって 2011年01月05日(水)
In pimp circles this terminology is used to describe a ho's value on a spectral scale as pertaining to profit.
Jim-Jam: This ho be slack late, blud. Her asswage is less den Carmendy and Zircogna. I'm una introduce her to the stairs to be blunt.
L-Ices: Seen, seen, blud. Zharmay's asswage is getting real flo. When she get back from aborting the fetus umma make Desoynté bottom bitch.
Jim-Jam: Seen.
p@$$ing thr.ughによって 2010年12月28日(火)
Red tea is made by a 3/4 completion of the fermentation process required to make black tea. Hence the fermentation is more complete than oolong tea which sits at 1/2, green tea which is unfermented but kiln fired, and white tea which is completely raw and sundried.
Red tea know for it's unparalleled aroma is a serious force of nature to be reckonned with.
p@$$ing thr.ughによって 2010年12月07日(火)
A helpful lad, who's always good at telling you what part of the latest trend you've failed to follow. He's always letting you know about cool new sexual apparatuses that never even existed before his beyotch read about them in cosmo. He's well versed in all the fresh urban lingo so he's great to have at the club to stop you from potentially making an ass of yourself. He may appear to be stern or short-tempered when correcting your mistakes but he only expects of you what he expects of himself.
Box Guy: You're not going to the club like that? We need to get you some hoop earings.
Lise: How about these silver ones my grandma gave me.

Box Guy: No way, think bigger.

Lise: Right, sorry.
Box Guy: Do you have a vagina pager, all the girls have those.

Lise: What kind of knob do you think I am?
Box Guy: No, no, no, don't say that in public. It's pronounced n00b.
Lise: Touche.
p@$$ing thr.ughによって 2010年02月27日(土)
The papaya trick 2 can and is in most cases used as a retaliation to the papaya trick. The person on the losing end of the papaya trick, will in most cases attempt to do the papaya trick 2. This trick loses it's potency if too much time is allowed to pass. Ideally the papaya trick 2 is performed immediately after the papaya trick, so if you have just sucessfully executed a papaya trick it is important that you keep in mind that you are not yet in the clear and keep your eyes open for any signs of the following:
Your friend who just got conked on the head offers to take the papaya off your hands.
Your friend with papaya now in hand offers to show you a trick of his/her own.
Your friend asks you to close you eyes.
If you fail to recognise any of these warning signs, it is still not too late. You only need to remember one thing, when you find yourself the victim of the papaya trick 2: CLENCH
Your friend will now try to shove the papaya up your rectum. If you have failed to divert the proceeding of the papaya trick 2 at this point, now, the papaya's going in, whether you like it or not. You must now remember to UNCLENCH, or you will begin to feel an increasing amount of discomfort. You must now try to relax you anus and allow the papaya to gently slide in.
If you failed to twart the papaya trick 2 you must then admit that you have been bested and convey a show good sportsmanship for at that point you have sadly been outwitted at your own game.
Hmm, I didn't really like that papaya trick, but I have a better one, close you eyes, turn around, hahaha, I call it papaya trick 2. Now you see it now you don't. Ahahahaha!
p@$$ing thr.ughによって 2010年01月21日(木)

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