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when a typhoon occurs from every bodily orfice at once
My calamity was so loud it could be heard for miles, blowing trees over and making puppies go deaf.
Meghan and Jennyによって 2003年03月21日(金)
when you see something that's really really dusty you must write hust in the dust.
meghan and jennyによって 2003年07月19日(土)
a gay cowboy who likes to stick his finger in people's heifers
After moving to Texas, all the damn boitches in the neighborhood kept going after my cattle.
Meghan and Jennyによって 2003年03月21日(金)
an exclamation indicating some ungodly midget related exodus into the wilds of nairobi
"eureka! i hope the dingos don't eat my midget, horace."
meghan and jennyによって 2003年07月19日(土)
1) a huge whooshing pee
2) the act of expelling a large quantity of noxious gasses from the rectal, vaginal, naval, penisal, nasal, oral, or optical orfice
1) Horace typhooned into the trash recepticle.
2) It seems like every time I pass by you on the street, you're typhooning.
Meghan and Jennyによって 2003年03月21日(金)
a penis that is thicker than it is long
thats one hell of a chut on that naked midget over there, eh horace?
meghan and jennyによって 2003年07月19日(土)
the apparatus used to remove blackheads from your ear.
horace, you should see the log i got out when i used the hoon.
meghan and jennyによって 2003年07月19日(土)

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