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Italian slang for a black person. Short for "moulinyan," Italian dialect for "eggplant."
"There's a lot of moolies in Bushwick," said Vinny.
max hardcoreによって 2004年12月01日(水)
Italian-American slang for nigger.

Derived from Italian dialect word for "eggplant."

See also moolie.
check out those moulinyans on the corner
max hardcoreによって 2004年12月01日(水)
"In The Know."

Used by soccer hooligans to describe each other.
oi you see that wanker
yeah i know him, he's ITK
max hardcoreによって 2004年12月01日(水)
A big Jewish Afro. Also called a JewFro or an Ezro.
Chaim is rocking out his Isro.
max hardcoreによって 2004年11月30日(火)
The Irish-American version of British/Irish gypsies known as tinkers or pikeys.
travelers are low class irish con artists
max hardcoreによって 2005年01月17日(月)
Erect nipples (Titty Hardon).
check out that girl's TH.
max hardcoreによって 2004年12月01日(水)
Kind of like a fag, but in a more European way.
that guys such a faeg
max hardcoreによって 2004年11月30日(火)

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