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A cool kid with a sick mind and is amazing at baseball.
Dude, he is such a jake w.
lakerfan14によって 2010年11月19日(金)
A cool kat who is good at everything he does.
Hey thats a perfect eample of mark klein
lakerfan14によって 2010年11月19日(金)
A man who is in between fat anf skinny. He is a person who can run very fast and pushes himself to the limits.
Dude you are so everret.
That guy isn't fat he's everett.
You are such an everett.
lakerfan14によって 2010年11月19日(金)
A young strapping lad who is very small but yet very amazing at football.
due that kid jo is such a hamilton.
lakerfan14によって 2010年11月19日(金)

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