14 definitions by killmeihavenolife

the removal of a flower from your urethra
i have to have a flowerectamy
killmeihavenolifeによって 2009年12月25日(金)
the failure to jizz on santa claus
i hope it will be a white jizzmas
killmeihavenolifeによって 2009年12月25日(金)
1.the act of fat people or skinny doing it in the flaps(rolls) by being jerked off in on flaps or scissoring in the fat flap sex is a way some fat people show there affection since it's hard to find the lovers genitals.
(brandon) man i made sweet love to my boyfriend
(adam) i don't even want to know shut up
(brandon) man we did each other in the flap
(adam) so you had flap sex
(brandon) yeah
(adam) nice
killmeihavenolifeによって 2007年11月12日(月)
sex on a boat dock or sex a boat on the dock
man i love to rokadok with her
killmeihavenolifeによって 2007年09月23日(日)
it means 2 guys that are friends that u suspect to be gay
jake and zac u guys r brokeback mountain boys
killmeihavenolifeによって 2007年09月23日(日)
the act of smoking out of a chicks cooter
we went to a party and went cooterpuffing
killmeihavenolifeによって 2009年12月25日(金)
the act of cooking someone from the inside out with a curling iron in their ass
the tragic cause of death was rump roasting
killmeihavenolifeによって 2009年12月25日(金)


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