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shortened version of "i dunno", which is a shortend version of "i dont know", which is a shortend version of "i do not know"
Iono where your pencil is, find it yourself!
karateによって 2003年12月07日(日)
the answer to a question when your confused but are expected to answer

the sound you make if you open ur mouth while making the m sound
(perhaps that is why people say um because they are opening and then closeing their mouths)
your asleep on ur desk and some guy comes n says "hey wanna um maybe be at the prom together?"
your responce "uhhhhhhhhhhh wha??"
karateによって 2003年12月07日(日)
the stuff on the sides of your eyes sometimes when you wake up.
she woke up and had eye boogers from sleeping so long
karateによって 2003年12月07日(日)
online abreviation for "my pleasure" often used as a responce to thank you.
person A - back
person B - wb
person A -ty
person N -mp
karateによって 2003年12月07日(日)

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