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simply refers the number twenty. like as in 20" rims, 20 dollars, 20 years..ect.
1)check him out, his sittin on twankies.
2)can you hook me up wit a twankie snack.
3)she's twankie foe.
hightimesRgoodtimesによって 2004年02月28日(土)
synonym for "sack". used as code for drugs which are packaged in plastic sacks.
(on the phone)
chris-"what up big boy? got any more twankie snacks i can munch on?"
big boy-"yeah, stop by my babies maw-maws house."
hightimesRgoodtimesによって 2004年02月28日(土)
person who is a combination of being shabby, dingy, foolish and a dupe. dirty like a chimpanzee and dim-witted like chump.
Jason Dill is a perfect example of a chimpy person.
hightimesRgoodtimesによって 2004年02月28日(土)
premature nuggs.
"hey cheech lets CHOW DOWN!"
hightimesRgoodtimesによって 2004年02月28日(土)
to rape something.
"be careful he'll touch your pets and kids"
hightimesRgoodtimesによって 2004年03月12日(金)


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