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A paki is a word used to describe a person from south asia, Usually works for T-Mobile or in a call centre of some kind.. eventually progressing to the goal of self employed Kebab shop owner.

Paki's are tax exempt and always have a brother that can get it cheaper. They all drive the same VW golf, and always carry more than one mobile phone, usually the other mobile contains terrorist texts messages and the phone numbers of numerous other terrorist. Paki phones usually carry PDF version of holy Qur'an on them, some have even branched out and have iPhone SDK developer programs in which the created their own app called.. "iExplode" unfortunatly for the paki's it was rejected by apple...

typical paki names consist of: sanjee, abdul and kuri sawse
Male 1: "check out this paki he's doing a donut in his car"
Male 2: "is that a toyota corola?"
Male 1: "no, its a VW golf"
garbled?によって 2010年07月11日(日)
This is a game me and my mate made up, we just made up a word that no one would understand to mean what we wanted it to mean. (It turns out that "biscuit" has been used to describe a fit girl on urbandictionary.com already.. although totally unbeknown to us. so total coincidence! anyway are game goes deeper)

Basically when your with your mate('s), and you want to tell him a fit girl is close without anyone knowing what your talking about you say "biscuit!".. your friend looks around and checks her out.. no one is any-the-wiser!
Male 1: "biscuit!"
Male 2: "offt fuckinel!"

Also if you get gd at this you can start saying stuff like "viscount" (which as a green biscuit wrapper) so you would be looking for a girl with a green top on, but you could use "pink waffer", "blue ribbon" etc.. and just make your own up. as long as you both no the code u can be stood at the side of the girl who your talking about and she never knows.

works well when your in shopping centers! lol

oh yeah and "Borbon" is used to describe a fit black girl
garbled?によって 2010年07月14日(水)


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