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relates to the employment of the mentally challenged !
major supermarkets rely on the remployment of special individuals to be trolley collectors
fashulletによって 2007年11月05日(月)
Large well formed breasts
Do my tits look nungy in this top?
fashulletによって 2005年04月30日(土)
A salt popsicle. A device which produces man fat.
She sucks saltsicle, she loves the cock
fashulletによって 2008年01月24日(木)
A square boxlike pair of buttocks found mainly on middle age or elderly males.
My maths teacher wears really big trousers to hide his loaf.
fashulletによって 2005年04月30日(土)
An elongated foreskin
His flange resembled a dead caterpillar
fashulletによって 2005年04月30日(土)
A crusty cheese like substance which forms underneath the foreskin and has an offensive smell.
Clip thad hoodie son you'll start growing paneer !
fashulletによって 2005年04月30日(土)

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