7 definitions by drunk

A Kr0ean who says he is not a whale.
"Hey whale!" "I'm not a whale!"
Drunkによって 2004年06月15日(火)
1. To atack one with ease and at a great advantage
2. To deliver the pain with ease and no loss
3. To go on a drunken rampage of one man mass destruction
We gave those 6 year olds the shockenaw after we stole their candy.
drunkによって 2003年04月09日(水)
1. To pummel one with extreme force and at a great advantage
2. Deliver the pain with ease
3. Spread mass destruction on a drunken rampage
We sure gave those 6 year olds the shawkenaw when they wouldn't give us their candy.
drunkによって 2003年04月09日(水)
1. Used in an attempt to sound 'cool' when typing 'shit'
2. Poo
3. crap, rubbish,
4. a word used when emotions of annoyence occur
5. when one mucks up or hits their humerous bone
<reporter> "what is your opinion of the situation in Iraq?"
<drunk shyt head> ..is all complete shyt mate
drunkによって 2003年11月15日(土)
hairy vagina, wait, not necessarily hairy, just vagina
damn I'd like to get into that bush
drunkによって 2002年11月17日(日)
Rape, to rape
I got me some surprise sex last night
drunkによって 2003年04月08日(火)
available online
I put up the picture of you diddling yourself; the whole internet has seen it now.
drunkによって 2002年11月17日(日)