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To run someone or something over with a tank, as to be similar to what took place in tiananmen square in 1989.
So I was playing AKARI WARRIORS on my old NES and I totally tiananmen squared so many guys!

"Wow that tank has gone almost a mile down Main Street."

"Yeah, follow me up a block and I'll show you where Jeff was tiananmen squared!"
dix fontainによって 2005年07月26日(火)
Similar to a fatality in Mortal Kombat, a boothality can only be executed by John Wilkes Booth.
When John Wilkes Booth killed Abraham Lincoln that was quite a boothality
dix fontainによって 2005年08月07日(日)
a slang term used when talking about having sex
"So how did you do with Jan last nigth?"

"Congress was in session and we totally passed legislature!"
dix fontainによって 2005年06月28日(火)
Ten minutes after 4:20 so you can blaze and then eat pizza.
"Hey, do you want to smoke at 4:20?"

"Only if we can go have pizza time! afterwards."

dix fontainによって 2005年07月26日(火)
a slang term used when talking about masterbating.
"Are you leaving already?"

"Yeah, I'm going to go home"

"Why, your going to go drink milk"

"Whoa, that's your third glass of milk today!"
dix fontainによって 2005年08月07日(日)
A slang term used when talking about someone taking a poop

"Hey, whats up?"

"Nothing really, is Conrad home?"

"Just give him a minute, he's taking a big german"
dix fontainによって 2005年07月29日(金)

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