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one who swallows loads of seman
betty is a cum guzzler
dieselによって 2005年02月14日(月)
popular from things to do in denver when you're dead.. have drinks on a boat under the sun. sweet
boatdrinks, babey!
dieselによって 2003年06月16日(月)
O V E R R A T E D! aka. CORKY
A person who may have cheated at baseball his entire career, but was never caught until last season.
(makes Pete Rose look like a damn saint)
One of the leagues WORST outfielders not only in modern day baseball, but any baseball era in history.
Simply put, an awful player that should have been a DH from day 1 in the league.
Corky will always be remembered for how he embarassed himself, his family and his shitty Chicago Cubs fans last season.
Dieselによって 2004年02月03日(火)
see eated, eateded.
las' nite, i ated sum ribs.
dieselによって 2003年07月23日(水)
see "eated"
las' nite, i eateded sum ribs.
dieselによって 2003年07月23日(水)
The biggest, and baddest bong ever created. Sitting at 5 feet tall it can stun just about anyone.
He just hit the crippler, he is done.
Dieselによって 2005年04月01日(金)
To have anal sex with some kind of fresh produce.
I vegetabled my girlfriend with a cucumber last night
Dieselによって 2005年04月01日(金)

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