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A really big bus.
Amy: "The Land Titanic!" Hermes:"That was one really big bus!"
darklordcthulhuによって 2011年12月02日(金)
Poor, broke, out of money.
I'd go out with you guy, but I'm so Kenny right now it's not even funny.
darklordcthulhuによって 2011年12月02日(金)
To really mess up big time, to fuck up with massively significant consequences.
On futurama, when Fry, pulled one of the lanterns from the old church, ruining Paul Revere's midnight ride; Professor Farnsworth informed him of his screwup of historical proportions by saying: "Fry, you dope! You've really screwed the granny this time.".
"Fry, you dope! You've really screwed the granny this time."

"You read from the Necronomicon and unleash Lord Cthulhu on Australia?! Well, it looks like you've really screwed the granny on this one."
darklordcthulhuによって 2013年10月16日(水)