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16th letter of the Greek alphabet. Often mispronounced by English speakers as 'pie'. Actual pronunciation is 'pee', with an unaspirated 'p', which English speakers also cannot produce on command.
The pronunciation of 'Pi', along with every other letter of the Greek alphabet, is always butchered by English speakers
Charlesによって 2005年02月15日(火)
A stick used to count bunches of bananas as they were loaded on banana boats. The workers were paid by the bunch.
Come Mr. Talley Man and Tally Me Banana.
Charlesによって 2005年01月04日(火)
bellend is on Gregs head
Greg is a total bellend
Charlesによって 2003年12月02日(火)
A Fob who is completely clueless. Spends all day surfing the web without any purpose. A tragic case.
Oh no, look at how many Fongs are in the lab.
Charlesによって 2005年03月09日(水)
just a sport car that make people proud to own it.
check out my ferrari, bitch!
Charlesによって 2003年08月02日(土)
Hot boxin a low rider
Aye foo are you rollin dolos?
Charlesによって 2005年03月15日(火)
A country which doesn't have any state or city. and try to divide themself to parts.. like Ang mo kio, orchard, pasir ris.... this places can be travel in 1 hr time.
if 1 million man pee on this island, it will be flooded in 2 hours.
Charlesによって 2003年08月02日(土)

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