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The doppler effect sound a minivan driver hears when a high powered sportbike passes with 70mph on top of the minivan speed.
Mildred was poking along the two-lane with the team arguing over gummi bears when she was startled by the sudden HOOooooooonnnnnnnnn..... of a large, fast motorcycle which disappeared almost as suddenly as it had arrived.
Charlesによって 2004年01月28日(水)
To Cause problems on MixermIxer.com by saying negative untrue things about people. Someone who has to feel superior by making other feel like crap for just being friendly. 30 year old man with no life yet comes off like he has a life.
He is so doodstickyfingers51ing you for being too friendly with people.
Charlesによって 2003年11月24日(月)
a person who cannot make up their mind
hurry up, you sneech!
charlesによって 2003年08月06日(水)
a rotten fruit, that has a terrible odor
charlesによって 2003年04月09日(水)
Another variant on LOL, like rofflecopter, lollerskates
Charlesによって 2004年12月01日(水)
To take an insufflated drug. (Cocaine, crystal meth, etc.)
I only biffed it about 10 minutes.
Charlesによって 2004年02月12日(木)
Like the word snazzy, derived from a typo, to exclaim that something is cool.
man, that was snas
charlesによって 2003年06月07日(土)


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