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dirty, nasty, scandelous bitch.
damn that girl so dirty i wouldnt even touch her, what a scutterbutt.
caseyによって 2003年12月07日(日)
Slang for underground fight club in Bloomington, Indiana.
"Terry watched the full contact origami and wants his ass kicked now"
Caseyによって 2005年03月05日(土)
More cushion for the pushin'.
That woman was FATSEXY.
Caseyによって 2004年04月21日(水)
Thick black hair surrounding the rectal orifice.
Last night Mike asked Tommy to give him a rustache ride.
Caseyによって 2005年02月24日(木)
an acronym for a "Long Distance Fake Out". A girl who looks really hot from far away but not so good when you get close and get a good look at her.
Oh man, that chick looked hot, but she was an LDFO.
Caseyによって 2004年07月28日(水)
it comes from something allison once said it bed!
RAWR i want to hit that!
caseyによって 2005年01月28日(金)
Nice Looking
A good thing
Those jeans are "mintay".
That girl is "mintay".
Caseyによって 2005年01月07日(金)


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