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This is when your phallus is hard at the most inappropriate time (i.e. work, church, school, etc.) and you have to put it over your belly button and hold it with a belt. Word of caution: no hugs and don't dap up your homies where a partial hug might be given.
Mental conversation with yourself: "Man I hope no one notices my belty. I hope the teacher doesn't call on me to come to the board."

My penis was hard while I was getting ready for church so I decided to do a belty just in case.
#belt #belty #church #school #hard #belly #button #phallus #penis
big jai jaiによって 2012年10月18日(木)
When a man has an erection while taking a shit and it presses against the inside of the toilet.
I shouldn't have been reading that Victoria's Secret catalog while I was taking a shit. I got a ceramic headlock.

You have to make sure you wash your dick after a ceramic headlock so your girl doesnt get mad if she goes down on you.
#erection #dick #man #toilet #shit #press
big jai jaiによって 2012年12月05日(水)
This is when you taste your own semen just to see why girls don't like it. This is a big time struggle for most men. You have to convince yourself that you are not gay because it belongs to you. At the same time you need to be able to tell chicks it is not that bad to swallow.
I had to pull a Know thy self to get her to swallow.

She asked me to do a know thy self and I said no.....At first.
#taste #semen #swallow #girls #gay #sperm #cum
big jai jaiによって 2012年10月18日(木)
When two guys agree not to let the tips of their penises touch while giving each other a hug.
"I am only going to hug you goodbye if you agree to no tipping."
#penis #tipping #hugging #two guys #tips
big jai jaiによって 2012年03月22日(木)
When a man masturbates with a condom on.
I didn't want to leave any evidence so I did a greasy handle in the bathroom.

She was afraid that she would get pregnant if semen got on her, so she only would do a greasy handle.
#masturbate #greasy #handle #hand #job #man
big jai jaiによって 2012年10月26日(金)
This is when you get a hand job or masturbate with Vick's Vapor Rub to get a tingly feeling.
Have you been giving yourself a cool grip? Why do your sheets smell minty?

She gave me a cool grip. It was weird at first but then I liked the sensations.
#hand #job #masturbate #penis #feeling #vapor #rub
big jai jaiによって 2012年10月18日(木)
This is when you have some left over semen residue on the tip of your penis, from sexual escapades(with someone else or by yourself), that causes you to urinate in other directions than the one you intended.
Woman: Why is there is pee on the shower curtain and floor?
Man: My bad baby, I had some leftover cannon glue and it sprayed everywhere!

Mom: Where did all this pee come from? It better not be from cannon glue!?!?!
Son: MOM!!! Please!
#phallus #penis #sex #sexual #floor #pee #urinate #urination #directions #semen #cum
big jai jaiによって 2012年10月18日(木)

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