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3 definitions by banan11

a beautiful, yet unusual girl. generally found hanging out with her large amounts of friends and laughing at anything. the life and soul of the party.
girl: "shall we invite those girls to the party?"
guy: "totally! they're a real bunch of kias!"
banan11によって 2009年05月14日(木)
1. noun.
an amazing and reliable friend
"she let me borrow her car for the night,"
"no way, dude, she's a total millie!"
banan11によって 2009年05月10日(日)
someone who tries to act cool to impress others, but generally ends up looking like an idiot.
"oh gosh, check her out! strutting around like she's audrey hepburn- she's such a putty!"
banan11によって 2009年05月31日(日)