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AIB stands for asian insane boys /or/ asian insane bloods.AIB has been active since the 1980's.The 1990's was when AIB was one of the most feared gangs in Southeast San Diego.This blood gang has 4 different chapters /or/ generations dated back from the 80's up to now.AIB is primarily a filipino based gang.They are known for wearing red,or "being flamed up".They generally use the Atlanta Braves logo as a symbol of there AIB affiliation on a hat or jersey.The majortiy of them reside in Southeast San Diego, but many of them are scattered around on all parts of San Diego. Their most hated rival is an asian crip gang called Bahala Na Barkada(BNB).This rivalry dates back since AIB was first made.Other gangs /or/ sets AIB has issues /or/"beef" with are gangs such as State Side Islanders(SSI),and Asian Crip Boys(ACB).Although AIB has enemies,they have mutal respect for other gangs such as Bahala Na Gang(BNG),Akro Pinoy(AKP),Samhang Dumong Pinoy(SDP),Tiny Raskal Gang(TRG) and Santanas(STS).Presently AIB is one of the most known asian blood gangs in Southeast San Diego and all of San Diego.To this date they are currently active and still growing
"What's brackin blood?, this is AIB's turf"!


"Hey blood its' 192 on mines". 192 is an abbrevite for AIB in number form.
analysis12によって 2009年03月23日(月)

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