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4 definitions by Urizen

short for "jabroni" - look it up
you fucking jabs.
Urizenによって 2003年05月15日(木)
Synonyms are: crotch sauce; cream of the crotch; cream of cock soup; banana cream; smelly jelly; trigger lube; penis paste; orgaz ooze.
Don't get your fuck sauce on my keyboard, you ass pirate!
Urizenによって 2003年07月13日(日)
A term used widelyto belittle those within a gaming community or riase there standard from a common peon.
<******> there's a game called starmonkey isn't there?
<******> is that the game where you run around as a pe0n pretending to be important????
Urizenによって 2003年03月28日(金)
The apes' name for Charleton Heston.
You're the only human that can talk, Bright Eyes. That's why we love you!
Urizenによって 2004年08月30日(月)