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In Coquitlam B.C. we call (easy)chicks that you pick up off the internet "internet dirt".
"Chris hooked up with some internet dirt last night and brought her over here."
Turkey_Dinnerによって 2006年08月28日(月)
In Coquitlam B.C., we call a girl who's, not so clean, and usually very easy, a dirty.
Hey Chris pounded two dirties in my livingroom last night.
Turkey_Dinnerによって 2006年08月28日(月)
Getting stinkin' drunk or wasted and not holding back.
You should've come out last night. We pulled a full-loader and Colin picked up a couple tights.
Turkey_Dinnerによって 2006年08月28日(月)
A chick or younger unsuspecting girl. Tights always seem to be overdressed for their age and wearing lots of makeup.
Check out those tights over there.

Darin brought a couple tights over last night.
Turkey_Dinnerによって 2006年08月28日(月)
Originating in Coquitlam B.C.

Getting stinkin' drunk, or wasted.

Oh man, I'm so stunk.

Did you guys get stunk last night?
Turkey_Dinnerによって 2006年08月28日(月)
An ugly fat chick with low self respect.
There's no way that pasty is comin' with us.
Turkey_Dinnerによって 2006年08月28日(月)

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