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a game based on rock-paper-scissors, where the loser has to strip.
I picked rock, she picked paper, then she saw my twig and berries.
trunksによって 2004年10月05日(火)
Awesome and Fantastic had a love child so overpoweringly great, they had to give it up and declare it state property. Meet Awesometastic.
That was just plain damned awesometastic.
Trunksによって 2003年11月16日(日)
A spectacle that sucks ass.
It's not worth your time. Trust me.
Trunksによって 2003年11月16日(日)
Something so terrible, the only response musterable by mortals is to bring forth that which they last ate.
*insert barfing noises here*
Trunksによって 2003年11月16日(日)
game based on rock-paper-scissors, where the loser has to strip. made popular by the comic duo Konto 55 in the 70's
I showed rock, she showed paper, then she got to see my twing and berries.
trunksによって 2004年10月05日(火)
Unlike shit-tacular, craptacular is something not spectacular. The words spectacular and spectacle both share 'spec-' and a rather good meaning, so if 'spec-' were to be traded in for 'crap-' surely the emphasis of the word would be turned around in an equally bad way.
Me:'Your gaming skills are craptacular.'
Me:'...You suck.'
Trunksによって 2003年11月16日(日)

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