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A pice of bodywork usuall on the rear of a car which "spoils" the airflow, thereby creating downforce over the rear wheels. Which everyone knows except Will Rastall...

see also jessops
How am i supposed to know what a spoiler is?
Tom Scottによって 2003年02月12日(水)
The guy in Notting Hill that makes it far superior to 6 Weddings and a funeral
That guy is amazing!He's a Spike!
Tom Scottによって 2003年02月12日(水)
The guy in Notting Hill who is superlative but is not superior at all to 4 Weddings and a Funeral
Tom Scottによって 2003年03月15日(土)
When you reject your friends amazing birthday soiree because youre tired. My arse. Poor ickle you Phallus boy.A prime example is will rastall.

No sorry Will I cant come to your Soiree because (cry cry) Im tired.

(Really hes just space docking howard and baz in a flying jessops on the way to monte carlo)
Tom Scottによって 2003年02月12日(水)
A chunk of valuable metal.
OR an idiot or buffoon, like howard or baz.
(After he decides he loves men):
You are a nugget Mike...
Tom Scottによって 2003年02月12日(水)
Great, amazing. A term meaning generally good.
A:Party at mine this weekend!
B:Scrum Down!
Tom Scottによって 2003年02月12日(水)
The act of buggering somone else, often of the same sex with a frozen turd.
Baz: Hey rastall do you wanna go space docking later?
Will: You bet! scrum down!
Tom Scottによって 2003年02月12日(水)

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