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4 definitions by The World

A box of sugar with pretty pictures.
Cereal is where the gov'ment puts our brain candy.
The Worldによって 2003年08月10日(日)
A gorgeous model who's origins are on the sub-continent of India.

also see Sindhi Crawford
Dude, that girl is a Karishma for 3 reasons:

1) She's hot
2) She's diva
3) Gay men flock to her
The Worldによって 2004年10月03日(日)
1. A prime example of an asshole.

2. Synonymous with asshole.
1. Cacman is an asshole.

2. You're such a Cacman."
The Worldによって 2003年12月14日(日)
A nice place to visit. If it is before 10pm, you don't want to have fun, you are white, and don't enjoy professional sports.
Let's leave Cincinnati!
The Worldによって 2003年08月10日(日)