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adj. allowing others to walk all over you as if you were a doormat
I'm not gonna passively sit at home while that jerk steals my man!
The Grammar Inquisitorによって 2002年12月02日(月)
adj. both bad and wrong to the utmost
"Killing is wrong...and bad. There should be a new, stronger word for killing. Like badwrong or badong. Yes. Killing is badong.
The Grammar Inquisitorによって 2002年12月03日(火)
adj. 1: tending to take the submissive, inactive role in sex 2: being acted upon 3: "bottom"
I thought Sam was passive. Why'd you let 'im fuck you?
The Grammar Inquisitorによって 2002年12月02日(月)
v. to mill about aimlessly, paying no heed to one's assigned labors for several hours, then doing it
I'm gonna go study at the arcade. Be back in a few hours.
The Grammar Inquisitorによって 2002年12月02日(月)
adj. feeling absolutely horrible to the point where no other word could possibly explain your anguish
I can't even think of a word that describes just how terrible I feel right now! I feel...I feel...AGUBUA!
The Grammar Inquisitorによって 2002年12月02日(月)
n. the opposite of killing or badong
From now on I will stand for the opposite of killing...gnadab!
The Grammar Inquisitorによって 2002年12月03日(火)
n. Sucky, Aggravating Tripe
I'm so glad my S-A-T's are over. I felt like my head was gonna explode.
The Grammar Inquisitorによって 2002年12月02日(月)

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