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A father
an informal term for a father ( ;
Hmm.. yo Pops in calling my cellphone, b****
The Chow Manによって 2004年10月21日(木)
Capable of being done with no difficulty.
Person 1: Hey, what chu think 'bout that homework assignment?
Person 2: Pssh... easy breezy... beautiful, covergirl
The Chow Manによって 2004年10月21日(木)
Filipino word meaning indeed.
Are you sure?
Person 1: Joy had her persuading anniversary last night
Person 2: Talaga?
The Chow Manによって 2004年10月21日(木)
A mother
an informal term for a mother
Whacup mamz?

What chu cooking mamz?


Person 1: You gonna illax at the house?
Person 2: Let me call my mamz pirst
The Chow Manによって 2004年10月21日(木)
1) Letting loose with a friend or someone who is cool.

2) To chill in someplace cool or with someone cool

illin': tight, awesome
laxin': to be relieved from tension or strain
Person 1: So, what are you up to tonight?
Person 2: I don't know. I might illax with _____


Person 1: What've you been doing all summer?
Person 2: Nothing much... just illaxin' and stuff.
The Chow Manによって 2004年10月21日(木)
Filipino/FOB way of saying okay
Do you hab a problems? Ish dish a problems por you? Hah? Ockay?
The Chow Manによって 2004年10月21日(木)
A cause of a dispute or an argument.
Person 1: Wanna join me and my friends for our trip to the mountains?
Person 2: Only if David isn't joining. I've got a major beef with him
The Chow Manによって 2004年10月21日(木)

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