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Tha area code ovah in Ft.worth aka Murderworth Stand Up 817!
Im reppin' that 8-1-7..murderworth..rearrange tha numbers you get 1-8-7 BrrrrrrrrraAATTTT!
Tha GoDによって 2004年12月08日(水)
A hood in muderworth(ft.worth),Tx.
Person 1: What we finna do son?
Person 2: We gotta go get ____. He up ovah in stop six.
Tha GoDによって 2004年12月08日(水)
Same as: Kicks,sneakers..etc.
Ex 1:
Yo son, you feelin' my new stomps?

Ex 2:
HURRY UP NIGGA! It dont take that long tah put yah stomps on..
Tha GoDによって 2004年12月08日(水)
Like sayin' Whats really good,whats poppin'. Just wanted suttin' a lil' different.
Person 1: Yo whats really poppin'?
Person 2: Nuffin' chillin'.
Tha GoDによって 2004年12月08日(水)
Trying to sarcastically tell someone how complicated a situation is. Usually over- exaggerated something such as this... multiple levels my nigga u cant even fathom it.
Gotta go to the DMV today... Theres levels to this shit.

Gotta clean my aunts asshole... Theres levels to this shit.

Gotta go to a funeral... Theres levels to this shit.

Just fucked a fish... Theres levels to this shit.
THA GODによって 2013年10月31日(木)
Something you say to your friend or someone your talkin' to. Its like sayin': son,dogg..etc.
Person 1: Yo wuddup god?
Person 2: Jus' chillin',fucks poppin' wit'chu?
Tha GoDによって 2004年12月08日(水)

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