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4 definitions by Tempest Lefavre

Karma for cunts.
Wilbur suffered his cuntuppance then rage quit.
Tempest Lefavreによって 2010年05月28日(金)
Internet uses that submit to peer pressure in an effort to avoid sticky situations.
Iggy's cumformist ways saved him from many a hairy hiccup.
Tempest Lefavreによって 2010年07月11日(日)
Slang term for a bouquet of flowers.
Afron hoped his gift of plant pussy would get him to second base...
Tempest Lefavreによって 2010年07月02日(金)
A euphemistic expression for abortion in Australia.
Tempest: A dingo ate my baby.
Cher: Again?
Tempest Lefavreによって 2011年01月10日(月)