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3 definitions by Tania Levy

Adjective: Used to describe a particularly fine looking woman of Hebrew descent. Taken and updated from the song "Bootylicious" by Destiny's Child.
"My body's too Jewtilicious for you."
Tania Levyによって 2006年07月26日(水)
Expletive. Pronounced "GA-gat-CH-ki" An expression used for any emotion, often used in lieu of "Holy Shit". Popularized in the production "JOE:THE PERFECT MAN" by Canadian performer, Rachelle Elie.
After a shot of a particularly stiff drink: "Gagachki!".
Tania Levyによって 2006年07月26日(水)
An alternative option for the word whatever. Sounds more heavily street credible.
"Are you up for going out or chillin' and illin'?" "Wizzazza..."
Tania Levyによって 2006年07月26日(水)