5 definitions by THunter

to kill yourself (suicide)
"I can't believe i beat it with that nasty chick"
"Yeah yo, you should commit"
THunterによって 2007年12月02日(日)
1) the seventh letter of the alphabet, G
2) someone who is a G
3) someone/something thats fire
4) someone who is the truth
"Torii Hunter is the truth"
"Yeah, he's the seventh"
THunterによって 2007年12月02日(日)
1) To emphasize a point/ Put an exclamation on something/ expression of positive emotion

ie. Hell Yea!
"Yo that messin' with a sasquatch commercial is on!"

THunterによって 2007年12月02日(日)
1) the eighth letter of the alphabet, H
2) someone who is a herb
3) tool
4) opposite of the seventh
"Yo, you think you're the seventh but you're really the eighth"
THunterによって 2007年12月02日(日)
1) something that sucks
2) weak (ie. shit's weak)
"No room service, nasty sheets, and no cable TV? This hotel is bucket"
THunterによって 2007年12月02日(日)