5 definitions by THunter

1) the seventh letter of the alphabet, G
2) someone who is a G
3) someone/something thats fire
4) someone who is the truth
"Torii Hunter is the truth"
"Yeah, he's the seventh"
THunterによって 2007年12月02日(日)
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to kill yourself (suicide)
"I can't believe i beat it with that nasty chick"
"Yeah yo, you should commit"
THunterによって 2007年12月02日(日)
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1) To emphasize a point/ Put an exclamation on something/ expression of positive emotion

ie. Hell Yea!
"Yo that messin' with a sasquatch commercial is on!"

THunterによって 2007年12月02日(日)
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1) the eighth letter of the alphabet, H
2) someone who is a herb
3) tool
4) opposite of the seventh
"Yo, you think you're the seventh but you're really the eighth"
THunterによって 2007年12月02日(日)
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1) something that sucks
2) weak (ie. shit's weak)
"No room service, nasty sheets, and no cable TV? This hotel is bucket"
THunterによって 2007年12月02日(日)
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