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6 definitions by Spongebutt Squishpants

n., syn. "toilet paper", paper tickets needed in order to take a poop
Damn, the stall is all out of poop tickets. Can you spare a square?
Spongebutt Squishpantsによって 2004年05月18日(火)
An interjection used by Jawas.
{Landspeeder}: "VROOOOOooooooommmmmm!"
{Jawas}: "Ootini!!!!!"
Spongebutt Squishpantsによって 2004年08月24日(火)
v. To thoroughly demolish someone in a spectacularly gruesome way. "Ruining one's shit" goes far beyond simple pwning.
1. That bastich mouthed off one too many times, so Lobo came and ruined his shit.

2. That 2000-lb bomb totally ruined that Iraqi's shit.
Spongebutt Squishpantsによって 2004年08月24日(火)
n. Syn. for "dad." Implies that any man that would willing whelp his significant other is a chump. Orig.: duh (i.e., "stupid") + dad
For some reason, moo and duhd couldn't figure out that bringing a shrieking baby to the movie theatre would be a bad idea.
Spongebutt Squishpantsによって 2004年08月23日(月)
n. Something that's great fun to take a toke on.
Hey bitch, why don't you take a hit on the old schlong bong. Zzzzip!
Spongebutt Squishpantsによって 2004年08月23日(月)
n. The end result of locking one's child in a car on a hot day and forgetting about it. Usually refered to as "little sizzler" or "li'l sizzler."
I just read about some moo and duhd that forgot their sprog in the SUV. Seems like you read about one little sizzler per day during the summer.
Spongebutt Squishpantsによって 2004年08月23日(月)