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Someone who spends way too much time at the beach and usually falls under one of the following categories of people:

1) Homeless
2) A kid on summer break
3) A pervert
4) A drunk
5) Patrick Swayze in Point Break
Look at that pervert beach bum staring at all the girls, what a loser.
Someone who has done this same thingによって 2006年04月21日(金)
A special cum shot finishing move invented by the infamous pornography star Randy West. The Kicker Upper takes place when Randy West puts a girl in the doggy-style position towards the side or end of a bed. Standing behind the girl, who is now in the doggy-style position, Randy then lifts one of his legs onto the bed while leaving the other on the ground, hence - The Kicker Upper. The view is one so that the cameraman can completely capture Randy pumping and thrusting into the girl until he cums.

Uh oh, here comes The Kicker Upper! Randy must almost be done!
Someone who has done this same thingによって 2006年04月20日(木)
Another term to refer to when one has had sex. Often used to describe intercourse with somebody who is a virgin.
Friend: Yo, did you hit that shit last night?
You: Yeah, I spladunked her. It was tight!
Someone who has done this same thingによって 2006年04月21日(金)
The hair that grows on the back of your neck. Usually comes is two strips - one for each side of your neck.
Dude look at your freakin neck! Your Glennons are thick. Get em cut!
Someone who has done this same thingによって 2006年10月13日(金)

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